Using the library in the vacation

Virginia the toy wolf under the Christmas tree
Virginia the toy wolf under the Christmas tree

If you are taking time away in the vacation, read our Information Skills Blog for a refresher about all the fantastic resources you can still access while at a distance from Cambridge. You can also borrow books and take them with you; they are now being issued until 18th January.

If you are staying in Cambridge, the library will be open throughout much of the vacation. It will only be closed for two short periods: from 6pm on Monday December 24th until 7am on Thursday 27th December and again from 6pm on Monday December 31st until 7am on Wednesday January 2nd.

Please do continue to get in touch. Library staff are here to help by email, phone or Skype up to the 21th December. The library email will be checked again from 2 January.

What's on

Sir Cam

Science Society Lecture: Something ate my fossil: from anecdote to testing hypotheses

24/05/2019 at 17.45

This talk will explore the history of predation and explore ways in which we can build up robust data sets.

Antony and Richard Joseph

The Story of Joseph Joseph, by Richard Joseph

28/05/2019 at 17.30

Richard Joseph is, of all the Wolfson alumni who have gone on the create companies, one of the best known and most successful. At Wolfson this Easter Term we shall be enjoying an exhibition of the stunning design innovations of Joseph Joseph, the company Richard and his brother Antony created in 2003. It is not overstating it to say that Joseph Joseph has transformed the design of homeware, and has enjoyed great global success as a result. Come and hear Richard's story.

Argentinian graffiti

Lunchtime Seminar - Two Trials: Law and Memory after Argentina’s Dictatorship

29/05/2019 at 13.00

Argentina’s justice efforts vary fundamentally from the truth and reconciliation model of other societies.