New College Support for Language Learning

There's never been a better time to learn another language, and Wolfson College is now offering students the support to do so. 

sign language

As part of its commitment to fostering cross-cultural collaboration and communication across borders, from 2020 Wolfson College will be offering part-cost awards to support students who are studying a language other than English through the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP)

Enrolment is now open for language courses starting in Michaelmas/Lent 2020-21 term at the Language Centre. For further information, costs and to book a place, please visit the online booking system.

CULP offers weekly or bi-weekly classes in over a dozen languages throughout the year. Most courses run from Michaelmas to Lent, but there are intensive course offerings in Easter and sometimes in the summer. The College will reimburse 50% of the cost of any course offered through CULP once a student has successfully completed the course.

How it works:

  • Students register and pay for the course of their choice, then attend weekly classes, complete assignments and sit exams as required.
  • After successfully completing the course, students submit the completion certificate and breakdown of marks to the Student Finance Officer.
  • A payment for 50% of the total course cost will then be credited to the student's College account. 

Important notes:

  • Full-time students may apply for only one Language Study Grant per year. 
  • Part-time students may also apply for support, but their awards will be pro-rated in relation to the length of their course.
  • 'Attendance-only' courses (eg 'Conversation Hours') are not eligible for support through this programme.
  • No awards will be offered to students who enrol in a course but do not complete it to a passing standard.
  • CULP also offers courses free-of-charge for specific academic purposes or subjects (i.e. medicine, natural sciences, music).