Library Desk Use Policy in Easter Term

by the Wolfson Library

picture of a desk by Andrej Lisakov
picture of a desk by Andrej Lisakov

Demand for study space in college is heavy during Easter term. From 29 April to 12 June 2019, we ask in the spirit of Wolfson collegiality and respect that you please:

  • Clear your things (books, notes, pens, etc.) to a lost-property shelf if you will be away from your desk for longer than two hours. Library staff or other students may also clear your things if you’re away for longer than two hours.
  • Use a pink slip to indicate when you’re coming back. (Please do not ‘game’ the slips by putting false leaving times, as this creates stress and frustration for other students.)
  • Clear your desk each evening when you leave the library to sleep to increase options for everyone!
  • Use a different desk each day, so that particular desks, especially by windows, are not in use by the same person each day.

Thank you. Please contact the Wolfson Library if you have any questions.

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