Inspired by the Boat Race? Join the Social Rowing Club!

The Wolfson Social Rowing Team is the first to be established on the River Cam and is looking for a new Captain and Vice-Captain to propel them forward in their third year, as Marie Kent explains.

Social Rowing Team

The Wolfson Social Rowing Team  have been rowing for just over two years now and we thank everyone who has coxed, coached, bank partied, helped, supported and financed us. It's been a great team effort enabling more than 100 Wolfson members to enjoy rowing on the River Cam alongside our fellow WCBC crews.

Richard Bramwell, our Vice-Captain, has stepped down recently after eight months of coxing and organising our boats, and we thank him warmly for all his time, energy and commitment.

Ian Wellwood, our Head Cox and Coach, continues to cox and coach for us on Sundays, but is enjoying a well-earned holiday in Australia for the month of March.  There will be no WSRT outings until he returns.

The WSRT is the FIRST Cambridge College Social Rowing Team to be established on the River Cam, and has attracted the attention of other Colleges as a model for their own rowing fraternity.

But our enthusiastic membership is in need of new leadership and is looking for a **new Captain and Vice-Captain** to propel us into our third year on the river.


* Are you a current or former College rower?
* Or maybe an existing member of the WSRT who would like to do more?
* Are you keen to help as many people as possible enjoy the experience of rowing?
* Would you like to promote the social side of rowing?
* Would you be willing to organise our Sunday outings using our simple, established google.doc form?
* And co-ordinate our team of willing helpers?
* Do you know (or are you willing to learn) the essential CUCBC rules of the river?
* Would you like to support the WSRT and help shape its future?

If so, please email me with details of your experience, and thank you for helping to continue the great new Wolfson tradition of enabling everyone at Wolfson who wishes, to row while they are in Cambridge.

Dr Marie E Kent