"I like to consider the person, rather than just the presenting issue": meet College Nurse, Sally Maccallum

Sally Maccallum is our Wolfson College nurse, and has been working in the role for the past fourteen years. She offers daily drop-in sessions within College, as well as online meetings.

Sally headshot outside the front gates

Sally believes in approaching health holistically, by considering a person’s mental and physical health as a whole. She loves helping students to feel supported and understood in their health journey.

Can you give a short introduction to yourself – what brought you to Wolfson?

I’ve been Wolfson College Nurse (CN) for 14 years. I trained in Glasgow and hold further qualifications in Counselling from the University of Cambridge, and Health Service Management from the Royal College of Nursing. I started as a CN in 2000 and in the past, I’ve worked across a few Colleges and Occupational Health.

I’ve been exclusively Wolfson’s CN since 2017. My lived experience includes close family members with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression and Psychosis.

At home, I have a dog called Saxon and a few chickens, and I feel excited to be adopting two ex-battery chickens this Spring!

How would you describe your role in College?

I’m employed part-time, offering consultations in person to Wolfson College members every weekday. You can see me in my room at Morrison House, in the garden, or online, about anything at all concerning your health and/or wellbeing.

I like to consider the person, rather than just the presenting issue, because your physical health and mental health are often related. This might be during a one-off consultation for advice and signposting, or treatment such as a dressing. Or it could be for a minor illness, or ongoing support because of a long-term illness or disability.

In the UK, Registered Nurses are bound by professional standards, principles, and ethics. Part of that means that I follow strict guidance about your right to confidentiality and privacy, as set out here in the Code.

What is the best part of your job at Wolfson?

What I love about my work is when I can see that I’ve made a real difference, for example when I know someone feels better because of my intervention or when they feel I understand their situation and what they’re going through.

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming academic year?

I’m thrilled that Wolfson students will be able to benefit from the full-time specialist support that my new colleague, Kiran Bhatti, is able to give. She brings a wealth of experience which adds value to what’s on offer both to individual students in need and via health promotion activities to the student community as a whole.

Do you have any health-related tips for Wolfson students?

I have lots, but here are a few key ones:

  • Seeking welfare support - No problem is too small. It’s ok not to be ok.
  • Looking after your wellbeing - Find pleasure in small things around you, e.g., by going outside and engaging your senses or noticing change in the gardens.
  • Balancing study and social life - Give yourself permission not to do everything.
  • Settling into a new city - Register with a GP. Reach out if you’re home sick.

You can see Sally any weekday during her drop-in slot, 11am-12pm without an appointment, and by arrangement in advance. Her room is in Morrison House (the building opposite the main car park), side entrance, beside the bikes. You can also email Nurse@Wolfson.cam.ac.uk  or  telephone  01223 335901. "I look forward to meeting you!"

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