College launches 24-hour Porters’ Lodge service

Students sign in at the Wolfson College porter's lodge

Wolfson has launched a 24-hour service at the Porters’ Lodge – ensuring that there will always be a member of the famously friendly team at the Lodge, anytime of the day or night.

Students sign in at the Wolfson College porter's lodge

“Wolfson is absolutely committed to the wellbeing of our staff and students, so it’s important to us to ensure that there’s a full Porter’s Lodge service on offer around the clock,” says Domestic Bursar Darren Smith.

“We want all our residents and visitors to know that there will always be someone in the Porters’ Lodge to assist them if needed,” he adds.

In previous years, the Lodge would close at midnight, and a single member of staff would be on-site to deal with ‘emergencies only’ until the morning. There will now always be at least two members of staff from the Porters’ team on the College site at all times, with one at the Porters’ Lodge, meaning the team can provide the full range of services throughout the night, at weekends, and across holiday periods.

Our first priority is student and staff safety, and these changes will ensure we are better equipped to achieve that outcome, as well as remove the risks of lone working for our Porters,” says Head Porter Andrew Fowles.

“But there are a host of other benefits. We know, for example, that some of our students are night owls and might come to check their pigeon holes for post, or use the chance to reach out to us for help, advice, or support.

“We are an international college too – our current study body encompasses 96 different nations – so it will also be a great benefit to our many international visitors who might arrive at any time during the night.