Workshop: Coping with the Climate Crisis

Two hands held together holding soil with a plant growing out of them
The Cambridge Climate Therapists A group supporting those with climate worries
Date 22/10/2021 at 10.30 - 22/10/2021 at 12.30 Where Seminar Room

COP26 at Wolfson: Urgency, Action, Ambition, Adaptation

Two hands held together holding soil with a plant growing out of them

Booking required. Spaces limited (10 people).

Cambridge Climate Therapist (CCT) is a small group of volunteers working in Cambridge and East Anglia. They aim to bring psychological insight to people’s understanding of the climate crisis and help translate anxiety into action. Volunteers, Ro Randall and Daniela Fernandex Catherall will be offering a workshop on how to cope emotionally with the climate crisis. This event is limited to 10 people, bookings available above.

Seeking discussion on
What is the role of corporate versus government versus personal responsibility?

Extra Info
Cambridge Climate Therapists offers support to groups and individuals engaged in climate action and has been meeting as a group since July 2019. We are a small group of volunteers with limited resources working in the Cambridge and East Anglia region.

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