Wolfson Research Event

Jade Heyman and her poster presentation
Date 26/04/2019 at 11.00 - 26/04/2019 at 18.30 Where The Lee Hall, Wolfson College

The Wolfson Research Event is an 'intellectual box of chocolates', taking place in Spring since 2011.

Jade Heyman and her poster presentation

Presentations will be made by Wolfson College students on all research topics.

The 2019 Wolfson Research Event will be 26 April, 11.00-18.30

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10.30 Registration (Lee Hall)

11.00 Opening Remarks: Professor Jane Clarke            

Oral Presentations (I)

11.15 Defending inequality (Markus Hansen)      

11.30 Rotationally constrained waves in Earth's core (Ben McDermott)       

11.45  The role of the higher education sector in regional organisations: a case study of the Mercosur Education Sector in Latin America (Aliandra Lazzari Barlete)   

12.00  Poster Flash Presentations

The start of a national school examination system (Andrew Watts)

What can pottery tell us? Using ceramics to infer site formation processes at Százhalombatta-Földvár, Hungary (Petra Jones)

The establishment of a medical school in Trinity College Dublin, 1813-1875: from resistance to endorsement (John Wallace)

Connecting the History: Ethnic Diversity on Medieval Silk Road (Junfu Wong)

Community Rights to Land in Scotland (Colin Bathgate)

Fair Assessment of Multilingual People: The Multilingual Vocabulary Test (Julian Siebert)

How the notes on the page affect how we sing (Thomas Greig)

Better retrofit for better homes (Hui Ben)

Interactions of the protein, RLIP76, with lipid membranes (Jasmine Cornish)

The Use of Novel High-Powered Microscopes to Study Unexplored Aspects of Herpes Virus Infection (Kamal Nahas)

A solar-rechargeable battery. The energy solution of the future? (Angus Mathieson)

A Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Model of Brown Fat (Isabella Samuelson)

The missing link: efficient connection design for complex geometry buildings (Florence Maskell)

12.30 Lunch 

Lee Hall foyer

13.30 Keynote speaker 1: Dr Ghina Halabi

Shining brightest in your constellation

Oral Presentations (II)

14.00 Predictive vulnerability markers of compulsive cocaine self-administration assessed by neuroimaging across the lifespan (Jolyon Jones)     

14.15 Disassembling the camp: the politics of policing exiles in Calais, France (Maria Hagan)  

14.30 Activity spaces in studies of the environment and physical activity: a review and discussion of issues for causal inference (Linsey Smith)   

14.45  Poster Presentations - Coffee break   

Oral Presentations (III)                                                                 

15.30 Labour Rights and the Treaty on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights: perspectives on the future of human rights protection in the developing world (Danilo Barbosa Garrido Alves)

15.45 Machine Assisted Synthesis and Process Development in Chemical Industry (Perman Jorayev)

16.00  An Auto-Ethnographic Approach to Analysing George Crumb’s Five Piano Pieces (Churen Li)

16.15 Automatic Chemical Design (Ryan-Rhys Griffiths)

16.30 Poster Presentations – Coffee break

 Oral Presentations (IV)

17.15 Making Knowledge Visible (Siobhan Dickens)

17.30 Hold on to the petal! The role of petal cell shape in pollination (Gabriela Doria) 

17.45 Keynote Speaker 2: Professor Susan Robertson

Global (Un) Civil Society, Transformismo and Education:
Diagnosis and Prognosis 

18.15 Awards Presentation

18.25 Closing Remarks and Networking Reception

19.15 Pre-dinner drinks at Combination Room

19.30 Formal Hall (for keynote speakers, presenters and registered attendees)

Any questions on submissions should be directed to wre@wolfson.cam.ac.uk.  

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Keynote Speakers

Professor Susan Robertson

Professor Susan Robertson, Professor of Sociology of Education in the Faculty of Education and Fellow of Wolfson College

Global (Un)Civil Society, Transformismo and Education: Diagnosis and Prognosis

In this lecture I reflect on the state of the global world order, the rise of authoritarian and populist politics, and the palpable absence of empathy and examine the ways in which education itself is deeply implicated in these developments. I ask what might an ethico-political education look like that would give rise to what Gramsci termed - transformismo; a new social order of popular radicalism that might emerge out of a divisive politics of regressive and progressive neoliberalism. 


Susan is Professor of Sociology of Education in the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.  She has held academic posts in Australia and New Zealand, following completing her PhD in Canada. Susan is founding co-editor and Editor in Chief of the journal Globalisation, Societies and Education.

Susan's research has broadly engaged with the governance of education systems around the world, and the ways in which spatial projects, from the global to the regional and local, are a means of managing the tensions that are set up between education as a mechanism of social stratification, economic development, personal growth, and political citizenship. At the heart of her concerns are how education can deliver on the social contract, and what this means for social justice in a society.  She has published 7 books and over 150 articles. A highlight of her career is that In 2015 Susan was invited to deliver the Caroline Benn Annual Lecture in the House of Commons, London.   

Dr Ghina Halabi

Dr Ghina Halabi, Institute of Astronomy and  Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College

Shining brightest in your constellation

In a crowded world of resounding successes and information overload, how do you stand out? Your voice and personal story are differentiating factors that make you unique and authentic. By drawing on personal stories from my own professional journey, my talk explores how you can find your story and tell it to the world so you win hearts and influence minds.


Ghina is a space scientist, storyteller, mentor and gender equality advocate. She works at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge and is a Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College. Her research focuses on studying the structure and evolution of stars, their interactions with nearby companions, and the formation of chemical elements in the Universe. Ghina is the first person to obtain a PhD in Astrophysics from a Lebanese institution, the American University of Beirut, where she worked as a lecturer before coming to Cambridge.

A perennial seeker of opportunities for action and social impact, she is the founder of She Speaks Science, an award-winning science storytelling platform that makes science accessible and promotes the visibility of women scientists. She is an invited speaker at international astronomy conferences and interdisciplinary forums including the United Nations and TEDx. She mentors students and coaches and consults on science communication and differentiation strategies using storytelling.  

Follow Ghina on twitter @Dr_GhinaHalabi.

This event is sponsored by Geistlich Pharma 

Geistlich Pharma

Any questions should be directed to wre@wolfson.cam.ac.uk.  

Find out more on the WRE Facebook page.

To see photos from previous Events, visit our Flickr pages.


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16/10/2019 at 18.00

This lecture will examine the long-term changes in the ways that museums have been designed, managed and built in the post-war period, with special reference to the speaker's experience of working in three national museums.

Democracy by Ishant Mishra/Unsplash

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23/10/2019 at 18.00

As psychotherapists say: How can we change without changing?

Cambridge by Sir Cam

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28/11/2019 at 18.00

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