Wolfson College Global Health Research Hub: 'COVID-19 and me'

Global health
Date 14/07/2020 at 17.00 - 14/07/2020 at 18.00 Where Zoom Meeting

Wolfson invites you to join the first gathering of our community with interests, professional and amateur, in Global Health. All are welcome to this new Hub!

Global health

Chaired by Dr Tolu Oni and Professor Nick Wareham

In an academic community such as ours we view things through different lenses, whether academic discipline, agenda, position in social hierarchy or formal role in society. 

At this kick-off event we invite you to reflect how COVID-19 has affected you from the point of view of your research, or your personal position or role in society.



Contributions (5 minutes each)

Setting the scene

Professor James Wood. Insights into the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic from understanding the ecology of zoonotic viruses in African fruit bats.

How have “we” responded? 

Understanding the disease
Professor Gordon Dougan

Will there be a vaccine?

In the University
Professor Stephen Baker

Establishing a screening facility at Cambridge University.

In the Intensive Care Unit
Dr Virginia Newcombe 

Life in a COVID-19 ward in Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

In Public Health England 
Professor Aliko Ahmed (Public health physician, epidemiologist and health strategist)

Reflections on health inequalities.

In our minds
Professor Peter Jones

Covid-19 and mental health

In our county 
Dustin McWherter (Cambridgeshire County Council) 

In the world
Dr Devika Dixit (Consultant for UN HQ and WFP, formerly at WHO) 

Looking forward
Dr Steve Evans

Planning for a resilient future 

Q&A from the audience

Optional breakout session

We hope you stay online for a final 20 minutes in a breakout rooms:

  • Who is here?
  • What are your interests in global health?
  • What would you like the hub to do for you?
  • What would the ideal format of these events be?
  • Ideas for new (non-COVID) events?