Wikipedia Workshop: Expanding Access to Climate Knowledge

The Wikipedia Logo. A globe made of a jigsaw
Stuart Prior Project Coordinator at the Wikimedia Foundation UK
Date 18/10/2021 at 15.00 - 18/10/2021 at 16.00 Where Lee Hall

COP26 at Wolfson: Culture

The Wikipedia Logo. A globe made of a jigsaw

Booking is required.

The people behind Wikipedia - the Wikimedia Foundation - will be running a  workshop on how Wikipedia can share climate change knowledge. Wikipedia is one of the most effective ways to distribute knowledge, the English pages receive 255 million views per day.

In this workshop, Stuart Prior from Wikimedia UK will cover the gaps in climate knowledge, how Wikipedia can help, and what we can do.

This session is intended to be the start of an ongoing relationship with Wolfson College and Wikipedia to expand access to climate change knowledge, with potential for the Woflson community to live-update the COP26 Wikipedia page as the summit unfolds between Oct 31 - Nov 12.
Seeking discussion on
How can we make sustainability fair and equitable for all?
Extra Info
Wikipedia is a free online encyclopaedia. It is the largest and most-referenced work in history and is completely free - being run on a model of open collaboration and without advertisements. Wikipedia works because of the efforts of volunteers and small donations. Wikipedia is run by the Wikimedia Foundation. Stuart Prior from Wikimedia UK will be running this session. Stuart Prior is a project coordinator for Wikimedia UK, working with universities and cultural organisations to expand wikipedia and other wikimedia projects.


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