Wants + Offers: Year Past Year Ahead

Wants and Offer graphic
Sustainability & Conservation Hub
Date 08/07/2021 at 17.00 - 08/07/2021 at 18.00 Where online (Zoom)

For the Anniversary Week of the Wolfson Sustainability & Conservation Interdisciplinary Research Hub, a space to discuss the year past and the year ahead.

Wants and Offer graphic

What are our needs and hopes? Our wants and offers? Our desires for the year ahead?

A friendly, open discussion of the Wolfson community on the possible wants, offers, needs, hopes and desires of those interested in any aspects of sustainability or conservation, either here at the Wolfson or elsewhere. We will explore creative ways we might progress forward as a community, chat about opportunities already available, and continue to develop our Theory of Change for the benefit of everyone. Reflection and lateral thinking strongly encouraged, but not required! Be it simply listening, asking specific questions, or suggesting out there concepts and ideas, any level of input welcome.

This is designed as a friendly chat as equals, from Offer-holders to Fellows, from current students to staff, from Alumni to Senior Members. All welcome.

The Wolfson Sustainability & Conservation Interdisciplinary Research Hub will send a bullet point overview of the year past to event registrants, to help inspire and inform discussion for the year ahead.