Sex Work and Borders: International Sex Workers' Rights Day

Sex Work and Borders
Date 04/03/2021 at 19.00 - 04/03/2021 at 20.30 Where Zoom webinar

To celebrate International Sex Workers' Rights Day (3 March), the Gender Hub is hosting a collaborative event featuring sex workers and activists from collectives in England, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, and Sweden.

Sex Work and Borders

Our speakers will discuss their experiences with sex work and its relation to borders of migration, the carceral-feminist discourse on trafficking, and how sex work is used to establish ‘borders’ about acceptable displays of sexuality. Each organisation will be given 10 minutes to speak, and the event will close with a half-hour moderated discussion between our hosts, speakers, and attendees.

Our Speakers

Dame Catherine Healy and Ms. Cherida Fraser, Aotearoa New Zealand Sex Workers’ Collective (NZCP)
The NZCP was formed in 1987 and has led the push for full decriminalisation of sex work-related activities. Catherine (coordinator and co-founder) and Cherida (researcher, advocate, and community liaison) will discuss decriminalisation and how this working legislative model has pushed against restrictive borders enhancing labour rights for most sex workers.

Amalia Luna and Betty Foxxx, Collective of Prostitutes of Seville, Spain
Amalia is a sex worker, sociologist and PhD candidate studying virtual sex work. Betty is a sex worker, porn actress, and a student of Law. Together, they’ll discuss the impacts of the Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath and their personal experiences with stigma and difficulties accessing housing. 

Sabrina Sanchez, Sex Workers Union OTRAS, Spain
Sabrina is the communication secretary of OTRAS. She'll discuss the intersections of migration, trans identities, and sex work, as well as borders related to labour.  

Kate McGrew, Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI)
Kate, the coordinator of SWAI, will discuss the impact of the Swedish Model of prostitution and the borders of feminism in relation to sex workers’ rights, abolition, and reproductive rights in an Irish context.  

Pye Jakobsson, The Rose Alliance (Nordic Network)
Pye has been involved in sex work for nearly 35 years and political activism even longer. She is the co-founder of Sweden's oldest sex workers' rights organisation, Rose Alliance, and a co-founder of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe. She’ll discuss Sweden’s biased narrative of women in sex work and how this narrative helps justify discrimination against sex workers. 

Charlotte, The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP)
Charlotte is a spokeswoman for the ECP. She'll discuss the situation of migrant sex workers in the UK in relation to the hostile immigration environment and the risk of arrests, raids and deportations, often in the name of anti-trafficking operations.

This event is organised by the Gender Hub and forms part of Wolfson Explores ✱BORDERS.



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