Productivity workshops for researchers with Prof. Inger Mewburn aka The Thesis Whisperer

selection of books written by Professor Inger Mewburn
Professor Inger Mewburn Director of Researcher Development at The Australian National University
Date 10/06/2023 at 10.00 - 10/06/2023 at 15.30 Where Lee Hall, Wolfson College

Join Professor Inger Mewburn, also known online as the Thesis Whisperer, for one or both workshops to help increase your productivity: Getting sh!t done and Building a second brain (for writing)

selection of books written by Professor Inger Mewburn

Please note that you need to book on each workshop separately.


10:00-12:00 Getting sh!t done - Book a place

Do you find yourself distracted by dozens of little tasks, which stop you getting to your big ones? 

Do you procrastinate, or sometimes spend far too long looking at cat videos on TikTok? 

Are you always busy but feel like you get nothing done? This workshop is for you!

Professor Mewburn will help you better understand the specific problems of managing your workload in academia and show you a range of tools and techniques for getting sh!t done. 

Sign up to stop drowning in work and start doing it. Refreshments will be available beforehand.


13:30-15:30 Building a second brain (for writing) - Book a place

When you sit down to write a paper, book or thesis, do your notes help or hinder? Do you write a lot of notes and then have trouble finding them again? If you are struggling to keep all your research 'stuff' tidy and useful, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop Professor Mewburn will introduce you to several well known, systematic note taking methods. You’ll explore these techniques in detail to find out what might work for you. We’ll then explore a couple of systems for keeping your notes so you can find them again. We’ll look at both analogue and digital note keeping systems and explore the relative merits of each. 

The idea of this workshop is to equip you for super writing productivity - for life. If this productivity nerd-fest sounds like heaven to you, sign up! Refreshments will be available beforehand.



Professor Inger Mewburn has a background as a designer and a researcher, which was nurtured at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

She created the Thesis Whisperer blog 13 years ago. It is dedicated to the topic of doing a PhD and being an academic. It has well over half a million words of content and more than 100,000 followers over multiple social media channels. The blog has been visited over 10 million times over the last decade and people have left well over 16 thousand comments. It has a truly global reach, with readers located all over the world.

She also hosts On the Reg, a monthly podcast, Dr Jason Downs. This is about life, work and being ‘productive’ – but only on your own terms.

Aside from creating the Thesis Whisperer, she writes scholarly papers, books and book chapters about research student experiences, with a special interest in post PhD employability.



This event will take place in the Lee Hall which has step-free access and an accessible toilet.

For more details please view our AccessAble guide.