Music Society - Listening Sessions: Musical Encounters with Saman Samadi

Saman Samadi walking
Saman Samadi PhD student, University of Cambridge
Date 17/11/2021 at 13.00 - 17/11/2021 at 13.30 Where Zoom meeting

The Music Society's new event format, Listening Sessions, focuses on one piece or sound to discuss in each episode, with changing hosts.

Saman Samadi walking

Saman Samadi (b. 1984) is a Persian-American composer, currently undertaking doctoral research at Cambridge University. He received his degree in Mathematics from NODET (an Iranian educational institution for mathematical prodigies), earned his BA in music performance and MA in composition from Tehran University. He studied philosophy at the University of Queensland and artistic research at Leuven University. He is a first prize winner of the 2012 Counterpoint-Italy International Composition Competition & the 2009 Fajr International Music Festival. In 2015, Samadi was awarded an Artist Diploma from NYFA. Saman is the founder & leader of three NYC-based ensembles, Āpām Napāt Trio, Aži Trio, & the Saman Samadi Quintet. He is a former faculty member of the CUNY, Music School of NYC, and the Piano School of NYC. Samadi is the President of Wolfson College Music Society.

In this session, we will be joined with Saman in listening to two excerpts, one from his own compositions, another from Stockhausen's Klavierstücke X, and discussing the complexity of such musical works, aesthetically and technically.

Listening Sessions: Musical Encounters

In a roughly 30-min online Zoom listening session, we meet up to experience and discuss one musical piece or sound at a time. Changing hosts provide an audio or audio-visual recording and inform the audience why this particular recording is meaningful to them. Hosts may trace their own personal encounter with the music/sound, how this musical/sonic source has accompanied them through life, share thoughts about their creative process (in case they have produced it/worked with it) and give contextual information before we have a brief discussion for the rest of the session. Musical Encounters can be utilised to inspire, to broaden one‘s own understanding of what music can be, what the presented material means for oneself and to others. It can also offer a platform to share and present music, which has been produced by the host and can gather multiple perspectives from people who themselves are engaged in various, possibly quite different musical practices.

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Karlheinz Stockhausen
The composer Karlheinz Stockhausen

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