Live Trashfuture podcast

Transhfuture podcast
Date 15/06/2019 at 20.00 - 15/06/2019 at 22.00 Where Club Room

Trashfuture, the podcast about how the future is trash, is once again doing a live show and this time it’s in Cambridge.

Transhfuture podcast

Join your favourite trashboiz Riley, Milo, Hussein and Nate as they do a live comedy roundup of everything that’s wrong with the world right now (as far as time allows) in the company of a special guest.

Trashfuture is the most popular leftist comedy podcast in Britain with a growing listener base of around 6000. It is comprised of:

Riley (@raaleh)

He who shall remain surname-less, the man who attempts to control the madness on the show and an extremely online guy who knows loads about Guy Debord for some reason…

Milo Edwards (@milo_edwards)

Professional comedian (formerly of the Cambridge Footlights) Milo Edwards spends most of his day on Twitter annoying people and the rest of the time writing jokes or shouting about politics on this podcast

Hussein Kesvani (@hkesvani)

A journalist and author, Hussein was once a respected media figure but then he became a host on this podcast and his brain deteriorated to such an extent that he is now better known for getting Trump supporters to call the cops on him over a tweet he did about soup (this is completely true).

Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts)

Nate used to be an officer in the US Army but having become bored of managing soldiers, decided to take on a real challenge and manage the idiots who make podcasts. Nate is a prominent leftist veteran and writer, who makes sure that the podcast sounds good and that we don’t libel anyone. On the second point he doesn’t always succeed.

FREE to Wolfson members; others please book using the link above.