Humanities Society: Science as a Cultural Human Right

Professor Helle Porsdam
Professor Helle Porsdam Professor of Law and Humanities and UNESCO Chair in Cultural Rights, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Date 24/05/2022 at 17.45 - 24/05/2022 at 19.00 Where Gatsby Room (Chancellor's Centre) & Zoom

Join Professor Helle Porsdam for an evening talk which focuses on the right to science – a little known but potentially powerful human right.

Professor Helle Porsdam

The important role played by science and technology and the potential for dual use makes it imperative to assess scientific research and its products not only on their scientific, but also on their human rights merits.

The talk focuses on the right to science – a little known but, the presenter argues, potentially powerful human right which is outlined in several important human rights instruments, including the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Classified as a cultural human rights, this right opens up science to lines of inquiry emphasising ethics and prioritising human rights and human-centered considerations above commercial interests.

The talk will take place in the Gatsby Room (Chancellor's Centre) at Wolfson College and also on Zoom. For the in-person audience, drinks and snacks will be available from 17.45.


Please click here to attend the Zoom webinar.

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