Beyond Net-Zero: what does a regenerative College look like?

Wolfson gardens 2019
Date 09/07/2021 at 17.00 - 09/07/2021 at 18.30 Where Lee Hall

The formal end of the Anniversary Week of the Wolfson Sustainability & Conservation Interdisciplinary Research Hub, an in-person event to discuss and workshop what a regenerative Wolfson college might look like, and how we might get there.

Wolfson gardens 2019

The Wolfson Sustainability & Conservation Interdisciplinary Research Hub invites staff, students, Fellows and alumni to an in-person meeting in the Lee Hall, followed by a Formal Hall to officially close out the academic year.

In the Lee Hall, we will be discussing approaches by other Colleges, examples of imagination and vision or the lack thereof and lay the groundwork for a novel, thought leading approach for Wolfson College in all matters of sustainability and conservation.

After the discussion and workshop in the Lee Hall, we will continue the conversation at a specially formatted Sustainability & Conservation Hub Formal Hall.