Art Exhibition: 'Signs for the Living'

Photograph by Hannah Lister
Date 22/04/2023 at 10.00 - 23/04/2023 at 17.00 Where Combination Room, Wolfson College

Visit Wolfson's latest exhibition 'Signs for the Living' featuring work by Hannah Lister, winner of this year's Wolfson Royal Academy Schools Graduate prize.

Photograph by Hannah Lister

Hannah Lister’s photographs are complex, subtle, multi-layered works.  They invite the viewer to engage with the questions they pose about representational image-making in general and the nature of photography in particular, but they also raise larger symbolic and spiritual concerns, about our position in time, our embodied relationship to landscapes and to the environment, and about our connections with others. 

Hannah uses analogue photography and printing to cultivate chance and intuitively sifts its potential.  Her emphasis on the materiality of the photograph, which she sometimes enhances by deliberately embracing potential flaws in the process of print-making, is in subtle dialogue with her photographs’ representational functions. We contemplate the quizzical glance or equivocal gesture in a portrait, the evocative landscape with its evidence of presence and distance simultaneously, the mundane object freighted with unexpected and enigmatic symbolism.  The photograph is never objectively, transparently recording: it is an image, a selection, an artifice; but it is also weighty and mysterious, pregnant with some undefined meaning, elusive and allusive simultaneously.


Viewing the exhibition

The exhibition will be open to the public from Sunday 29 January.

Opening Times: Saturdays and Sundays 10.00-17.00, until Sunday 23 April.

Please note that the exhibition is occasionally unavailable, for instance during graduations.

It is advisable to contact the Porters' Lodge in advance of your visit (01223 335900).


About Wolfson exhibitions

Wolfson has an established programme of exhibitions and artistic events which take place throughout the year and are framed by its modernist architecture, beautiful landscaped gardens and embedded into academic life.  

The art on show is enjoyed by both the academic and wider community. Exhibitions are open to the general public, for students and Fellowship and visited by scholars, guests and visitors from around the world.

Wolfson has an established art exhibitions programme which has showcased the work of both renowned international artists and innovative emerging artists with the aim of stimulating reflection, discussion and debate. 

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