The 2021 Annual Lee Seng Tee Distinguished Lecture - Race, Scientific Racism and Genetics

Adam Rutherford
Dr Adam Rutherford geneticist, author and broadcaster
Date 24/11/2021 at 18.00 - 24/11/2021 at 19.15 Where Lee Hall

We end our Wolfson Explores ✱BORDERS programme with Dr Adam Rutherford, who will speak at this year's Lee Seng Tee Distinguished Lecture. Follow the livestream on our website.

Adam Rutherford

The roots of biology are inextricably bound to the politics of empire. Human classification began in service of European expansion, and with it came the foundations of race and scientific racism that we endure today. Contemporary genetics has thoroughly demolished the biological concept of race, but the legacies of this pernicious history persist in our data, our labs and our scientific language. These echoes serve neither science nor scientists, and to know our own history is the first step in fixing this legacy. 

The lecture will end with a live Q&A session, followed by a drinks reception in the Lee Hall Foyer. Please make sure to book your tickets on Eventbrite

A livestream will also become available on our website and the Club Room will serve as an overflow venue where the livestream will be shown.

This event is part of our 2021 guiding theme:

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