Wolfson Explores Transformation

What does it mean to transform? What does it feel like to be transformed? How do we transform society for the good of all? These are some of the questions we are posing at Wolfson College this year.

Wolfson has long been known for its dynamic and diverse lectures, exhibitions, performances and more.This year we bring you WOLFSON EXPLORES — a major programme of events and activities that spans the intellectual and cultural life of the College based on the theme of | Transformation |.

WOLFSON EXPLORES | Transformation | is as a catalyst and a conduit that involves the whole College and stimulates a rich and productive dialogue across disciplinary and cultural borders.

Academics, artists, musicians, students and other Wolfson members are sharing with the Cambridge University community — and widespread Wolfson family—their ideas, research and creativity. The core programme includes lectures, exhibitions, performances and discussions. Around the core is a cluster of further, related activities and events, both large and small. As well as encouraging societies and organisers of regular fixtures to consider how they might engage with the theme, we are extending an open invitation to any member of College to propose an event or project.

Take a look at the events listings below to see how we are exploring Transformation today.


What's on

Antony and Richard Joseph

The Story of Joseph Joseph, by Richard Joseph

28/05/2019 at 17.30

Richard Joseph is, of all the Wolfson alumni who have gone on the create companies, one of the best known and most successful. At Wolfson this Easter Term we shall be enjoying an exhibition of the stunning design innovations of Joseph Joseph, the company Richard and his brother Antony created in 2003. It is not overstating it to say that Joseph Joseph has transformed the design of homeware, and has enjoyed great global success as a result. Come and hear Richard's story.

Ishant Mishra/Unsplash

The (Political and Financial) Economics of Transformational Technology

05/06/2019 at 18.00

Like previous ones, the Digital Revolution has been shifting the distribution of power within and across economic and political and social domains.


Education Society - The impact of technology on teaching and learning situations: When is change transformative?

06/06/2019 at 17.45

We hope people with various perspectives on the education enterprise will join us to engage with topics such as “How, and how well, does technology serve today’s goals for education?” and “Does technology create a need to change those goals?”