Wolfson Boat Club has best May Bumps ever

The Wolfson College Boat Club wrapped up a very successful year with a thrilling four days of May Bumps, with three out of four boats blading, and the Club winning the Pegasus Cup and the Michell Cup for the first time ever. The victory was particularly special as this is the 50th anniversary of the Club, and many former rowers were at the Osier Holt on Friday to watch the races, and at the Annual Boat Club Dinner on Saturday.

 W1 about to bump on Friday

Both men's boats not only earned blades, they each moved up a division. M2 started 7th in Division 4 but performed a spectacular double overbump on the first day, followed by bumps on each of the next three days to move to 16th into Division 3. The top men's boat, M1, started at 3rd in Division 2 but confidently rowed their way up to 16th in Division 1. Despite racing twice on both Thursday and Friday, both boats finished strong on Saturday, coxed by Michael Donnelly (M1) and Eddie Lam (M2).

M1 flying the Wolfson flag after blading

On the women's side, W1 was a strong boat from the start, bumping each day to move from 11 to 7 in Division 2. W2 entered the via the Getting-On Race on Friday 8 June and put up a spirited effort despite not quite managing to bump this time. Keep an eye on this crew for next year.

M2 is all smiles after bumping

Three University rowers were represented on the teams: Zenas van Veldhoven, who was Captain of the 2018 Lightweight crew, and Larkin Sayre and Kate Shipley from the CU Women's Boat Club.

W2 showing great form - better luck next year

Congratulations to all our rowers!