The Year in WCSA

It’s been a busy year for WCSA and the efforts of the committee have not gone unnoticed: in a recent survey of 123 students, 51% said they were “very satisfied” and 48% “satisfied” with the work the committee has done this year. Seventy-two percent said they had seen a noticeable improvement since the committee took over. Here's a round-up of WCSA activities for the year.

1st row left to right: Daniil Baryshnikov (Secretary), Brian Robertson (President), Ibrahim Mohammed (Vice-President)
2nd row left to right: Jack Sharp (Junior Treasurer), Mathilde Foged Jensen (Entertainment Officer), Casey Darnel (External Officer), Gunther Klobe (Sports and Societies Officer), Charlie Barty-King (Entertainment Officer), Lily Lewis (Equality & Diversity Officer)
Not pictured: Ben Fraser (Campaigns & Green Officer), Andrew Brooke (Internal Officer), Paul Matthews (Internal Officer), Ruben Nijk (Internal Officer), Natalie Lealand (Internal Officer), Matt Fallowfield-Cooper (Punt Admiral), Max Mulvany (Rear Admiral), Dayo Afolabi (BME Rep), Devarshi Lodhia (LGBT+ Rep), Rugilė Matulevičiūtė (Welfare Rep), Women's Rep (Rosie Agnew), James Fuller (Part-Time Student Rep), Faye Chadwick (Disabilities Rep)

As President, Brian Robertson brought about several changes this year, including: a cap on rent increases, free punts, a necessities cupboard, an event attendance analytics app, and free pool tables. After consultation with students and the cafeteria staff, reforms have been introduced including self-service of side dishes and a meal feedback app. Brian has widened the scope of the WCSA committee to include the interests of part-time students, alumni and development office relations, laundry facilities and a club room refurbishment project.

As Vice President, Ibrahim Mohammed has focused on Wolfson’s approach to access, communications and development. He initiated the first WCSA interview help desk, led offer open days and co-hosted the first ever Islamic access open day. Ibrahim works closely with College staff on ways to improve the publicity of WCSA and to introduce new policies to support Muslim students during Ramadan. At his suggestion, PC World/Currys have kindly made a contribution to Wolfson’s Endowment to help students in need. Ibrahim plans to organise a WCSA collaborative event with the Islamic Society of Cambridge and has high hopes for next year's freshers week, which he and Charlie Barty-King say "is going to be like no other freshers week we have ever had!"

Charlie has headed up the entertainment team, organising, promoting and running social events and promoting them. He has increased College engagement with students via WCSA and has contributed to the club room and WCSA-cupboard refurbishment projects, plans for increased WCSA continuity between committees, and the aesthetics of the bar area. Along with Mathilde Foged Jensen, WCSA put on a full schedule of events to support students through the exam period, including walks to Grantchester, outdoor yoga classes and visits from stress-busting puppies.

The equality and diversity team created several new events, such as the very popular weekly welfare teas held in the KSJ Room. As women's representative, Rosie Agnew focused on increasing women's inclusion and representation in college life, and chaired the popular and well-attended panel event with Jane Clarke on International Women's Day, as well as promoting the University's 'Breaking the Silence' campaign. Faye Chadwick re-launched the Unseen Disabilities Collective, a support group for people with invisible health conditions, and is encouraging the college to automate the library door to improve access.

Sports & Societies Officer Gunther Klobe led the renovation and rearrangement of our beloved Wolfson gym - a major project that had been initiated by his predecessor Dennis Mubaiwa. Jack Sharp kept things ticking along by making sure everyone is reimbursed in full and on time. Daniil Baryshnikov has upgraded the newsletters with humour and colour to inform students of the latest updates as well as external opportunities (the puns were appreciated). Daniil has also helped to keep the committee organised, and worked with Brian to centralise documentation from previous years.

Ben Fraser continued our work with the Green Impact team, maintaining our Gold award, and also managed to sustain the compost bins. Hopefully we will have Wolfson reusable mugs and water bottles soon!