Graduation 2019

Annual Fund Appeal 2019

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Graduation 2019

We have just celebrated a series of graduation ceremonies at Wolfson College, one of the brightest moments in a student's career and the culmination of, in some cases, many years of study. For some of our students that moment would not have been possible without the support of the wider Wolfson community.

In the last three years nearly £1.9 million was awarded in scholarships, bursaries, prizes, and grants to many deserving and talented students with more than 50% coming directly from funds-raised from and by the Wolfson community. While some students have been successful in securing prestigious scholarships, the need for financial support is ever-increasing and this year applications for support have doubled leaving many talented students seeking assistance to enable them to begin their studies in the coming term. Without this support, many students would be unable to truly benefit from, or even begin, their journey at Wolfson College.


Opportunities to Support

Annual Student Fund Any size Gifts are applied where needed most
Grants and awards £100 - £1,000 Contribute towards grants and awards for travel, sport, and projects
Top-up Bursary £500 - £2,500

To allow undergraduates from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to embrace the Cambridge experience

Writing-Up Bursary


Support PhD students requiring an extension to complete their degree

Graduate Medical Bursary


Cover the mandatory first-year fee for students on the accelerated medical course

Maintenance Bursary


Living expenses support for MPhil students pursuing careers in academia and looking to proceed to a PhD

Match funded PhD Studentship

From £30,000

Enabling the College to partner with a University department to fully fund a student up to £40,000 a year; a superb way to maximise the impact of funding support

Hannah Twinberrow
Hannah Twinberrow

Hannah, English BA, 2018
"I have been  fighting for almost a decade to defy medical expectation and see myself return to academia. This support will allow me to continue to grow into the person I know I can be. I hope that I can inspire others to overcome whatever adversities they may face and that you will be proud to have aided me in that ambition."

George Woodward

George, Graduate Course of Medicine, 2016
"This year through the generosity of donors I have been not only able to focus on my studies but also flourish as an individual, conduct clinical research and give back to the college that has supported me through both academic and emotional challenges in the form of teaching."

David Izuogu

David, PhD Chemistry, 2017

Societies: WCSA President; President Tennis Society (Lawn), President Volleyball Society and Wolfson Entrepreneurs Society (WES), Pool Society, Science Society.

 “I have received student bursary towards my research from Wolfson College, which has allowed me to present my findings at the 16th International Conference on Molecule-Based Magnets last year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I couldn’t have imagined what my research would have been without the productive interaction I had with professionals in my field at the conference, the lifetime networks as well as stimulating research conversations. All these gave me a real sense of direction with my research especially considering the complexity associated with research in the field of single-molecule magnets which hold great promises for future technologies with potential applications in quantum computing, spintronic, information processing and storage among others."

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