Skills for Academic Success

General Admission cohort leaving College 2012


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Term Easter 2017

Thursday 18 May, 6-7pm.  Roger Needham Room
The First Year Report
Workshop run by Dr Giles Yeo, Tutor Wolfson College and Director of Genomics & Transcriptomics, CU Institute of Metabolic Science and Dr Charles Jones, Wolfson Emeritus Fellow

This session will demystify the first year report.  What is expected from the report?  How is the viva conducted?  What kind of questions might you encounter?  A view from the sciences and from the humanities perspective will be given and there will be plenty of opportunity for questions.

Thursday 25 May, 6-7pm.  Roger Needham Room
What is Open Research, and what can it do for you?
Workshop run by Dr Marta Teperek, Research Data Facility Manager, Cambridge University Library/Research Operations Office

Would you like to boost citations of your work?
Would you like to share your research findings with the international academic community, without paywall restrictions?
Did you know that funders recognise the benefits of Open Access and most now require it as a condition of their grants?

Join us to learn:

  • Everything you need to know about Open Access and data sharing
  • How to use the University's Repository, Apollo, to publish your research and gain citations
  • The training and advisory services offered by the OSC to facilitate your research and career development

Thursday 1 June, 6-7pm.  Roger Needham Room
Managing Research Data
Workshop run by Dr Sergio Martinez Cuesta, Wolfson CRA
Researchers and students spend most of their time dedicated to quantitative analysis on the process of cleaning and preparing data.  This class will go through some intuitive principles to organise and work with data more effectively.  It will also highlight ways to plan data management early in your project and will introduce strategies to avoid data disasters.

Thursday 8 June, 5:30-7pm.  Roger Needham Room
Job Interview Skills

Workshops run by Dr Ana Toribio, Fellow, CRA and Tutor Wolfson College
Even the most qualified job seekers need to prepare for job interviews.  The job interview skills workshop is a space to examine the process of effective job interviewing as it relates to you, the candidate.  It is a fully interactive learning experience with time to listen, question, reflect and uncover positive experiences from your varied backgrounds that you can eventually bring as a “success story” during a job interview.  The workshop will empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make the most of your next interview.  You will also have the opportunity to practice interview skills.  Whether you're an experienced or novice job seeker, all participants at any career stage will benefit from knowing these techniques.  Highly recommended for those about to start job hunting!

The workshop covers three main areas:

  1. A checklist or steps about how to prepare for a job interview including the preparation of key questions
  2. Practice preparing some of these steps
  3. Awareness of and practicing body and non-verbal language

What can you learn from the workshop?

  • Understand the importance and complexity of today's job interviews
  • A systematic approach about how to prepare a job interview
  • What to do and what not to do before the interview
  • What to do and what not do to during the interview

What can you expect during the workshop?

  • Lots of examples and practical tips!
  • A rich interaction between participants
  • A space to ask all the questions you may already have or the ones that may arise during the workshop

The job interview workshop has been running for two years now.  100% of previous attendees would recommend it to a friend.  Here are some participants’ comments from previous workshops:
"very useful for people not from Europe to attend this workshop"
"practical tips and emphasis on preparation"
"overall very interesting"
"useful to think from an employer point of view"
"I learnt today how to learn from interviews"
"it was impactful to see the importance of preparing myself beforehand
"I learnt today that it is possible and very important to prepare for an interview"
"difficult to specify what I learnt from today. I learnt a lot which was my expectation!"
"great examples, really informative"
"the best workshop of this term!"
"time management could be improved".  Ana's reply, “Oh so sorry! I know it always takes longer than expected because of the engagement of the attendees - and myself! - on the topic.  But we will be ready for dinner for sure”