Safety and Security

Wolfson is an open community. It is therefore extremely important that residents take responsibility for the safety of their own and other people's belongings.

One room key is provided on arrival. In an emergency a spare key can be signed out at the Porters' Lodge, but keys must not be copied or given to other people. Rooms must be locked when occupants are out, even for a short time. There are locked rooms for members to store non-food and non-electrical items at their own risk.

Unfortunately there have been occasional thefts from rooms in College. If you do see individuals around the residential blocks that you do not recognise, or you see people in the College grounds who appear to be acting in a suspicious manner, please inform the duty Porter immediately.

Personal security notices are regularly displayed on noticeboards and security alerts are also posted via the wolfson-events email list.


Residents must guard against fire. Fire alarms and extinguishers are provided in every block, and fire drills are held from time to time. For your own safety you should familiarise yourself with fire exits and exit routes.

In the unlikely event of a fire it is important that the College knows who is in residence at any particular time. You should therefore inform the Porters' Lodge if you have a guest, or if you are going to be away overnight, or for longer periods.