Why choose Wolfson College?

General Admission cohort leaving College 2012

Wolfson is one of the most cosmopolitan Colleges in Cambridge, with over 600 full-time students, including 150 undergraduates.

We take mature undergraduates as well as affiliated students with a previous Honours degree. Most of our undergraduates tend to be in their early 20s but we warmly welcome applicants of all ages (21 or older). Wolfson is one of three Colleges that admit students for the Graduate Course in Medicine.

The College has a lively, friendly atmosphere and a unique character, as all of our students bring a richness of experience which benefits their academic work. Wolfson’s internationalism is fostered by overseas students from more than 70 countries. A wide range of subject specialisms is represented among both Fellows and students. The breadth of membership is further extended by distinguished academic visitors and representatives from journalism and industry that come to Wolfson for periods of research.

The relationship between senior and junior members is informal and egalitarian, with common rooms and social facilities open equally to both. We offer a gym and a variety of sports clubs and societies, including Zumba, football, rowing, yoga and salsa dancing. The humanities and science societies host a series of termly lectures, and a lunchtime seminar attracts speakers from across disciplines. Spouses and partners of students are welcome to participate in College life.

Wolfson accommodates all undergraduate students who wish to live in College. The main College buildings orbit attractive garden courts; all rooms have central heating, telephone and computer sockets, with access to well-equipped kitchens for self-catering. Most rooms are single study bedrooms, some have shared facilities and others are en suite. There is also accommodation for couples and families. Our spacious library is open 24 hours a day.

The College is close to the University Library and the Arts faculties. Most other departments and the city centre are a few minutes away by bicycle.

For further detailed information on the College and what we have to offer, please explore the rest of our website.