Veterinary Medicine

Academic Requirements:

All applicants must meet the following requirements: GCSEs in Mathematics and either Double Science or Biology and Physics, at Grade C or above; A-level Chemistry; AS or A-levels in two of Biology, Mathematics and Physics. Applicants holding qualifications they believe to be equivalent other than the International Baccalaureate and Scottish Highers will need to demonstrate, convincingly, that those qualifications involve a comparable level of scientific and mathematical understanding, and are advised to contact us for guidance.

It should be stressed that the requirements detailed above represent a minimum or threshold standard: most successful applicants obtain at least three A-levels (or equivalent) in pure sciences and mathematics, at Grade A or A*.  

Affiliated entrants also need a good BA Honours Degree with a 2.1 or above.


All applicants for Veterinary Medicine are required to sit the BMAT prior to interview.

Director of Studies: Pre Clinical: Dr Lesley MacVinish , Clinical: Prof Alun Williams

Find out more about the Veterinary Medicine course on the department website and the University Undergraduate Prospectus.