Awards & Bursaries for Graduate Students

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Support from Wolfson College

Excellence in research is what we strive for. At Wolfson we are proud to support the thorough academic training of our postgraduates, and to help their challenging, ground-breaking ideas with a range of research funding sources.
Higher awards up to £20,000 per year include:
  • ALBORADA Scholarships, for students in Veterinary and Medical Science
  • Donald and Beryl O'May Studentships, for students in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Law (next available in 2019)
  • Medical Research Studentships, for PhD students in Medical Science
  • Roger Needham Studentships and Roger Needham Awards, for students in Computing, Mathematics, Engineering, and Philosophy
  • Wolfson OCS Kenya Scholarships for citizens of Kenya on one-year postgraduate courses
  • Wolfson-Geistlich PhD Scholarship to advance the understanding and application of tissue regeneration and/or biomaterials
In addition, a variety of smaller awards are offered in support of our students' research, such as:
  • Peter and Angela Lucas Bursary for one postgraduate student in Medieval English Studies
  • You can apply here for a Wolfson College Studentship for graduate entry in 2017 (doc).  The deadline for applications is 31 March 2017. Decisions will be made in late April/early May.


Other sources of financial help

Other awards and bursaries are available to support students in specific circumstances, such as to help with fees and travel expenses associated with the attendance of conferences, to help with research fieldwork expenses, or to help students in situations of financial hardship.

Wolfson College awards:

  • Wolfson College Travel/Research Grant
  • Wolfson College Hardship Fund

University awards:

  • Central Childcare Bursary Scheme
  • Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • Board of Graduate Studies Hardship Awards
  • Bell, Abbott and Barnes Funds
  • Lundgren Fund (Board of Graduate Studies)