Map of Members

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This page is best viewed using the Firefox web browser. Internet Explorer will display the map but you may find it works slowly.

You can move the map by clicking on it and dragging it in any direction or you can use the directional buttons in the top right corner of the map. To zoom in either click on the '+' button or double click the left mouse button anywhere on the map which will re-centre the map and zoom in. To zoom out click on the '-' button or double click the right mouse button.

Each registered member who has supplied a valid address or post code is marked on the map in their precise location using one of two symbols. An individual member is shown by the icon and clusters of members are shown by the larger icon. Please note:If a member has only specified their country, and not given precise address details, their flag will appear at a central point within their country.

To find out which member resides at a particular location, click on the relevant icon. Small clusters will list all the members at a particular point and you can select each member individually from the list to see their details. You will need to zoom in to a larger scale map to break down the clusters of members. If, for any reason, the markers are not shown on the map, move the map slightly and they should be displayed again.

As well as the default road map, you can also see satellite pictures of most locations by clicking on the 'Satellite' button in the top right corner. To show a mix of satellite and road maps click on the 'Hybrid' button.

If the icon representing your own location is not positioned correctly, then simply drag it to the correct location. This will update your profile in our database.