Wolfson Network

The Wolfson Network is a service that allows Wolfson members to stay in contact with each other and the College.

It helps you to contact your Wolfson contemporaries worldwide, as well as to locate Wolfson members living close to you. The latest phase of the Network provides opportunities for career networking.

When registering, you will be issued with an email-for-life alias - such as john.smith.1960@wolfsonemail.com - which will allow you to keep your personal address private and allow you to have one email address for life available to members of the Network even if your private email address changes.

Registration is simple; once you have logged your details with us you will be issued with a user name and password which can be used to access the restricted areas of the Wolfson Network. These include a database of members, a map of members' locations and a gallery of members' photographs. You will be able to update your profile at any time and include as much or as little information as you choose: the only mandatory information is your name, country and an email address, which can be the email-for-life alias chosen by you.

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Register for the Wolfson Network here.

If you have already registered then please log in at the top of this page.