Academic Life at Wolfson


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Wolfson offers a lively academic community, with plenty of opportunities for the cross-disciplinary contact that lies at the heart of the collegiate system.  This section provides information on the range of academic support offered to our members.

Quiet Period

Tuesday 2 May to Friday 16 June is the College’s official ‘quiet period’ in recognition that many will be revising for and taking exams over the coming weeks; please note that there will be exams taking place in College, mainly in Fuchs House and Plommer House.  No private parties will be permitted during this period, and please have special consideration for others: keep noise to a minimum, and turn down hi-fi etc., if requested by your neighbours. No mobile phones should be used anywhere in the library. I would be very grateful if you would report any problems with noise at once either to me or to the Porters.

Thank you, and very best wishes to all who are preparing for exams,

Dr Jane McLarty
Senior Tutor